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Top 5 reasons to convert your home movie reels to DVD

November 16, 2012 @ 5:15 PM

Top 5 reasons to convert your home movie reels to DVD

Reels are difficult to play: First off you need a projector, which are now obsolete and hard to find, then someone who knows how to work the projector.

Reels and VHS formats deteriorate over time.  Typically these are not stored properly as well; many people just have them in the attic gathering dust and they are suseptible to moisture as well.

DVDs are easy to duplicate; 8mm and Super8 are not.  DVDs can easily be transfered with DVD duplication programs such as DVD Fab or companies such as ours at Vintage VHS.  The difficult task is transfering your reels, but after the reels are converted to DVD you now have your memories saved for years to come and can make some great Christmas or birthday gifts for your friends or family!

Reels don’t allow for the unique features of DVD and Blu-Ray Some cool features of DVD and Blu-Ray you could have with your home movies

DVD menu creation,

DVD subtitle additions,

Film editing and audio additions,

personalized DVD labels,

DVD cases, etc.

DVD film won’t deteriorate over time:  DVDs and Blu-Rays are virtually timeless assuming they don’t get scratched.  The format doesn’t deteriorate over time if the DVD remains in take and are relatively resistent to dust.

All added up, you really don’t want to let your invaluable home movies get destroyed over time.  To transfer your home movie 8mm reels into DVDs visit

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